Evolved Opportunity

I was recently given the opportunity to work on an independent film. This opportunity was slightly different than previous opportunities because the film is being written and directed by someone I have never worked with before. I was looking forward to working on the production of this particular film because I had never had that experience before. Most of my work has been done with the same group of people.

Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, I was unable to work on the production of this film. I’m pretty bummed about the loss of that particular experience, but the opportunity did evolve in a way that will still be beneficial.

While I am not able to work on the production of the film, I can work on the post-production aspect. It’s much easier to make hectic hours work over a computer than actually meeting in person.

This leads me to describe the new experience I will gain through working on the post-production for this film. I’ve never edited any narrative work that wasn’t my own. When editing someone else’s work, you’re putting together someone else’s vision, not your own. When I edit my own work, I’m basically just piecing together what I have meticulously planned since the beginning. This new opportunity will be a test of my skill in pacing and team work. I’m looking forward to it.

Of course, I’m worried. I am used to having everything planned out extensively, so accepting a job where I don’t really know what I’m getting into is a bit stressful. I haven’t seen any of the footage. I don’t know how any of the shoots went. I can’t be sure of exactly what I’m getting. I have had the chance to read the script, so I’m hoping there won’t be any problems.

Since this isn’t my project, I won’t be making any updates throughout the process unless I learn something about filmmaking in general that I wish to share. I will reflect on the process once the film is completed, and if I can share information about it, then I will at that time.


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