I’ve been relying too heavily on Weekly Review Wednesday to keep my blog active lately, so I figured I should probably start writing about my work again. This will be a bit of a task since most of the work I’ve been doing lately isn’t very interesting. That’s why I haven’t been writing about it. I need to remember the main purpose of my blog though, and I need to get back to it.

Today, essentially what I’m doing is setting up my office space. I’ve recently relocated, so I’m not sharing a room with another person. This gives me more room to make all of my work accessible. I also will have room to accept clients, and I’m hoping to keep my desk vacant enough that I can actually use it.

It’s a work in progress. As a writer, I have a lot of books, notebooks, binders, and the like. I’ve got bookshelves I can use to organize it all, but it might not necessarily be aesthetically pleasing. If I’m hoping to accept clients into this room, I don’t want it to appear cluttered. That’s the balance I’m trying to strike.

I wish I had it finished so I could really launch into my next project and not have to worry about it, but there has still been work that needed to be done in the interim. It’s kind of put me in an odd position. For that reason, I’m trying to focus more on setting up today than anything.

So with that, I’ll cut this bit of writing short and get back into it! Hoping to have something to show for it soon.


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