31 Days of Reviews: Round 4

Here we go again!

This will be the fourth year that I embark on 31 Days of Reviews. It’s hard to believe that this started as a challenge for myself all those years ago, and it has blossomed into such a regular thing for this blog.

My preparation for this year was a bit different than previous years. October is going to be a very big month for me (I’m getting married). Since I know how busy I’m going to be, I’ve gone a bit further in my prep than usual. I’ve been watching and writing reviews for the last couple months in an attempt to lighten the load.

I don’t have all 31 days planned out, so there will still be quite a bit of work for me in the coming weeks. Hopefully what I’ve accomplished so far will help take some of the edge off though.

Prepare for 31 Days of Reviews 2017!


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