31 Days of Reviews: The Rezort (2015)

It’s been years since the zombie war was won by humankind. The remaining zombies are confined to a luxury island resort where tourists hunt them for sport. When the security system fails, the humans must again fight for their survival.

The Rezort was recommended to me several months ago by my brother. He thought I’d enjoy its take on the zombie genre. After finally seeing the movie, I’m really thankful that he recommended it.

The zombie genre is extremely oversaturated at the moment. It’s really hard to come across something that’s different. When it comes to The Rezort, it’s a little bit of both. I could call it original because it goes about telling a zombie story in a different way. It could also be described as unoriginal because it’s essentially Jurassic Park with zombies.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 6.16.20 PM

If that sounds cool to you, you should definitely watch this movie. I know I definitely enjoyed the Jurassic Park with zombies aspect of it all. Despite pulling heavily from an already established story, I had never seen the format applied to zombies. It was a different spin that was fun to watch.

The Rezort stars Jessica De Gouw (Arrow), Martin McCann (The Survivalist), Jassa Ahluwalia (Peaky Blinders), Elen Rhys (World War Z), Claire Goose (The Coroner), Lawrence Walker, and Kevin Shen. The most well known actor of the bunch is Dougray Scott (Taken 3, Fear the Walking Dead), playing a bit of a mystery character that I wish we had been able to see more of.

My expectations going into this movie were pretty low. I’ve seen a lot of pretty bad zombie movies so I know how bad they can be. I was immediately impressed by what they did with their low budget. The setting looks fantastic. The color grading, although very dark and muddy at times, was better than I was expecting. The special effects are used sparingly which helps hide how shaky they sometimes are. For what the movie is, I had no problem with the visuals.

In terms of story, I thought the set up for The Rezort was really good. I was thoroughly engaged while meeting the characters and getting introduced to the environment and setting. The story loses its way around the midpoint, when the systems shut down and havoc ensues. It delves into horror tropes at that point. Why won’t the car start? It’s a huge corporate resort. You just did maintenance on it this morning. Now it conveniently won’t start?

For me, the secrets behind the resort were a redeeming point for the story, although you may be able to spot it a mile away. As the movie careens toward its end and loses most of the charm that it started with, it manages to still be enjoyable though. I do wish they had pushed it a bit further. In a way, I even wish they had made the movie a bit longer in order to better flesh out some of the characters and sprinkle in more details about the resort’s overall secret. The Rezort has a lot of makings for success, if only it had emphasized its strengths.

With an interesting premise that eventually devolves into typical zombie fare, The Rezort is a fun watch for fans of zombie movies. It’s not extremely memorable overall, but it has some really great glimmering moments. The gore factor isn’t too high either, so it may even be okay for more squeamish viewers.


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