This is Halloween!

There’s no better way to get in the Halloween spirit than filming a spooky music video for the ladies of So Sketch for their upcoming show at The Second City, “A Nightmare on Wells Street”.

This weekend, under the banner of E Leal Productions, I did just that.

For this music video shoot, we were essentially camera operators and our own grips. The writing and planning for the video was done by the ladies of So Sketch Comedy. We were just helping them bring their vision to life.

It was a long day. We were on set for 12 hours. There were a lot of extras and locations, and a lot of those locations needed to be used at night. This pretty much ensured that we would be out late. Everything was filmed successfully though. It was a good time.

Since most of my work over the last few years has been as a director and producer, it was a bit of a challenge to take a step back. I still somehow managed to smuggle some details and become a bit of a line producer though. I kept track of the storyboard and acted as an in-between for the director and camera operator.

At the moment, we’re hard at work on the edit. It’s coming along really well. We’ve almost got a completed draft that will be sent to the director for her opinions. I hope she likes it as much as we do!


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