Weekly Review: Alien – Covenant (2017)

As the colony ship Covenant makes the journey to its remote new home, the crew discovers an uncharted planet that could be a hidden paradise. Events soon turn hostile, forcing the crew to fight for both their survival and the success of their mission.

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Return to Sender: Storyboard

Due to some shuffled plans, I was able to start on pre-visualization for my next short film sooner than I was expecting. With my particular team, we have developed a way to start pre-production that runs very smoothly. It happens in stages.

During the first stage, I go through my script, and I think about how I’d like to see it transfer from page to screen. I pull out my own storyboard template, and I draw it out on paper. Now, I’m definitely not the best artist in the world, so my drawings really help no one out but me. (We figured this out while in production on Lights).

In the second stage, we take my drawn storyboard, and we turn that into a 3D visualization. To do this, I work with my cinematographer, and we figure out exactly what I’m trying to say, and we translate that into something that he can understand. In the end, my storyboard is a plan, and his 3D visualization ends up being the actual storyboard.

Return to Sender Shot 23

This process makes production run so smoothly. We can make a plan for shoot days and know approximately how long each shoot day will take. We can factor in set up time, lunch breaks, and factor in room for error. It helps to put together a production schedule, find locations, use time efficiently, and don’t even get me started on how well it works as a plan of attack for editing.

As I mentioned above, this is the process that I’ve developed for my films with the people I work with consistently. I’ve worked as a producer for other filmmakers, and they don’t all do the same thing. It really depends on the filmmaker.

With all that being said, the storyboarding process is now complete for my next short film, Return to Sender. The images included above are examples from that.

We’re still in pre-production, just moving on to the next phase of that. We still have location scouting to do and casting. I’m considering doing casting differently this time around than what I’ve been doing, but that will entirely depend on scheduling. I’m still up in the air about that.

Stay tuned for more updates on Return to Sender as the process continues!

Clare Oaks 2017

Last month, E Leal Productions filmed two employee appreciation videos for Clare Oaks Senior Living. The employees had earned recognition from Leading Age Illinois for their work.

Filming for the videos took place over two separate days. Since the videos were only 60 seconds each, editing took approximately one day per video (including basic edits and color). Both videos include original music by Ryan Cwiklik.

These videos can be viewed below.

Weekly Review: Passengers (2016)

After a ship malfunction on a 120 year journey to a new world, two passengers are woken up 90 years early with no means of going back to sleep. Faced with the reality of living the rest of their lives on the ship, the two begin to fall for each other before realizing that the malfunction that woke them is just the beginning.

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