Weekly Review: Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom (2018)

The Jurassic World theme park has been abandoned after the events that occurred in 2015. The dinosaurs on the island were left to fend for themselves, and most are assumed dead. As an extinction level event threatens any remaining dinosaurs, humanity has to decide whether to rescue them or to let nature run its course and eradicate the prehistoric creatures once again.

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Leals on Reels: Halloween 2018

We recorded an experimental Halloween podcast that was released for Halloween 2018.

I’ve been working with E Leal Productions to launch a podcast, and this was a bit of a test run. We are planning to have an official launch in 2019.

There will be more details about Leals on Reels as the launch comes closer, but until then you can enjoy this episode.

Podcast link on Podbean:


You can also view the episode with video accompaniment on YouTube.

31 Days of Reviews: The First Purge (2018)

The New Founding Fathers of America have recently taken control of the government. In an attempt to push the crime rate below 1% and boost their approval rating, they decide to hold a sociological experiment in an isolated community. This experiment, called The Purge, will vent aggression in a 12 hour period where all crime is legal, including murder.

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