Pin 5:29 – 60 Second Version

If you’ve been following the production of Jason Rugg’s Pin 5:29, then you’re in luck because the 60 second version of the film is finally here!

Check out the film below.

There may very well be a longer version that is released at a later date. This longer version would explore a more atmospheric pacing in the beginning to give a more detailed backstory leading toward the eventual end.

Stay tuned!


3:03 (2016) Online

At last! Now that the My Rode Reel competition is over, I can finally promote my newest short film as a film, rather than a contest entry.

After taking some time to add the new E Leal Productions bumper to the beginning of the film, both 3:03 and the Behind the Scenes video can be seen on Vimeo.

If you want a deeper look into the film’s production, check out the behind the scenes video below!

Lights (2015) Online

After a 10 day countdown on social media sites, the day is finally here. Lights is now available for viewing online.

Lights is a suspense thriller following Mia, a young woman who starts noticing streetlights turning off around her. Mia decides to start documenting her experiences, but she will soon find that some things are better left unseen.

For the best viewing experience, watch the film with a sound system or headphones. Check out the short film and let me know what you think!

It Follows (2014)

I saw the trailer for It Follows quite a while ago, and I was really interested. So when I got my movie theater email this week, I was super excited to see that it was having a limited showing in my local theater. I rushed out to see it as soon as possible. The audience in the theater was pretty minimal, as was to be expected from a release that didn’t really have a lot of publicity.

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31 Days of Horror Reviews

Since I’ve been severely lacking on blog posts lately with school and everything, I’m going to challenge myself to do 31 days of horror reviews for the month of October.

I’m a pretty big horror fan. October is my favorite month of the year, and this seems like a decent enough thing to do to keep myself proactive. Erik is trying to get me to do a video type review thing, but as of right now, the written reviews seem far more doable. It’s going to be a task in itself to watch and review a horror movie every day.

Hopefully, I’ll keep up with it! I have a lot of things on my plate right now, so we’ll see.