Weekly Review: The Girl on the Train (2016)

Rachel takes the train┬áto Manhattan every day. In her travels, she imagines the life of Megan, a woman she passes by on her daily commute, a person she feels has the perfect life. When Rachel sees something shocking in Megan’s yard, shortly before Megan turns up missing, she attempts to take that information to the police. When the police question her credibility, she decides to investigate the case herself.

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Xcelerate 2017: Week 3

This week was a bit different because it’s the first week that I’ve helped teach two different classes in a single day. It’s definitely a lot simpler to teach the same class twice. By the time the second class rolls around, I’ve really figured out the content, and I’m able to help in more ways.

Teaching only one class a day came into play with App Adventures, my afternoon class where I was to help students put together an app game. There were a variety of factors that made me less able to help as much as I would have liked. Less exposure to the material was one of the reasons, and the other reason was that I was unable to be hands on with the program to really know where everything was.

Being hands on with the program was really the only reason that I was able to understand the game programming class I assisted last week. It’s one thing to understand what the kids are supposed to do, but it’s another thing entirely to know where they are supposed to click to get there.

Many of the concepts in this class are extremely similar to the concepts from my previous game maker classes and computer programming classes. It’s just unfortunate that the format of this particular class doesn’t allow me to work with the program myself.

Other than that, this week took me back to my roots! Lights, Camera, Action started up this week, and I’m happy to report that we stuck with the newer class format that we started last year. In this newer format, the kids are able to have a bigger role in creating their own original story. It’s definitely a bit more stressful from a teacher’s standpoint because there is less control to make sure everything is done correctly, but I think the kid’s get a better understanding of making films from it.

My group for this particular class chose a bit of a creepy story. I promise I had absolutely nothing to do with it. They made it on their own. On Monday, they split into groups and put their story together. On Tuesday, we drew up a storyboard and started filming. Wednesday and Thursday were both spent finishing up the necessary camera work. Surprisingly, my group was able to get a look at editing on Friday. It was a very eventful week.

Once the films from this week are available on YouTube, I will most likely be sharing them here. There is one more Lights, Camera, Action camp this summer, and I will be a part of that next month.

Until then, I have several other camp experiences to have! I will continue to write about these experiences as I have them.

Xcelerate 2017: Week 2

Oh boy. This week was a doozy!

During this second week of the summer camps, I was working in classes where kids were learning how to design and program their own video games. My experience in this particular area was a bit limited, but I was happy to see that it very closely resembled basic concepts of coding with html and what little knowledge I have of computer programming.

After a rough start, I was able to get on board with the kids in the class. I did this by making my own little game at the same time as them. It helped me understand why specific actions were being taken and how to go about getting those actions to work properly. I never would have been able to keep up if I weren’t working with the program myself.

It was definitely a challenging week. I found myself oddly stressed about things I had no control over. This has never occurred with me during these summer camps before.

In the end though, I just hope the kids had fun and they’re proud of the games they created. I know I’m pretty proud of the one I did at least. I called it S’mores Galore. You go around as a poorly drawn marshmallow, collecting chocolate and avoiding campfires. It’s a hoot.

Xcelerate 2017: Week 1

As a general update, I have started my role as an assistant youth instructor for the summer camps at my local community college. This is my fifth year working with the camps. This year is also my biggest work load.

I started off the camps, only working with Lights! Camera! Action! because that was my area of expertise. Last year, I was given the opportunity to explore other camps, and this year I have been given that opportunity again.

During my first week, I helped out with Camp Ukulele. It’s really inspiring to see all of these children who have a desire to learn music, and even more so, the children who already know how to play some instruments. I wish I knew how to play an instrument! I picked up on some of the teachings about the ukulele, so maybe I’ll give that a try myself. 

I will be working pretty consistently through the months of June and July. Work on my next short film may be delayed more than I was anticipating, but I will try to keep things moving. Weekly Review Wednesdays will continue as scheduled. I will try to keep updates at least semi-regular!