31 Days of Reviews: The Rezort (2015)

It’s been years since the zombie war was won by humankind. The remaining zombies are confined to a luxury island resort where tourists hunt them for sport. When the security system fails, the humans must again fight for their survival.

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31 Days of Reviews: Annabelle – Creation (2017)

Years after the Mullins family loses their daughter in a tragic accident, they agree to shelter 6 orphaned girls and a nun in their farmhouse. When one curious girl finds her way into a forbidden room, she comes across a seemingly innocent doll that holds a dark secret.

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31 Days of Reviews: Resident Evil – The Final Chapter (2017)

With only 48 hours to save what remains of humanity, Alice must return to Raccoon City to revisit the Hive where the infection began. With Umbrella and the Red Queen fully aware of her location, Alice has one final chance to discover a cure.

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