3:03 at Stormy Weather Horror Fest

It is a pleasure and an honor to announce that my short film 3:03 was selected as a semi finalist for Outstanding Female Filmmaker at Stormy Weather Horror Fest Summer 2017.


It really is an honor to have been nominated as a semi finalist. There were a lot of great horror films in this competition, and to be considered on the same level as the other semi finalists is really just the best feeling. It’s hard to really put it into words. It’s just really nice.

Thank you to the people behind Stormy Weather Horror Fest for watching and appreciating my work. Thanks again to the cast and crew of my short film for sticking by me and helping me out so much. Thank you everyone who has taken the time to view my work and share in the experience.

If you have yet to see my short film, 3:03, you can view it below.


Weekly Review: xXx – Return of Xander Cage (2017)

Daredevil Xander Cage returns from his self imposed exile to defend the world from a sinister weapon that allows control over every military satellite. With his own band of thrill seekers, he soon finds that this job is even more deadly than he could have imagined.

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Weekly Review: Kong – Skull Island (2017)

As the U.S. exits the Vietnam War, a team of scientists discovers an uncharted island in the South Pacific. A mixed group of civilians and soldiers is sent to the island on a mapping expedition, but their mission turns from one of discovery to one of survival when they encounter the mighty Kong.

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Return to Sender: Update and Delay

It has been a while since my last update about my upcoming short film Return to Sender. I believe the last thing I talked about was completing the storyboard, and that was back in the spring.

I had to put the project on hold for a couple of reasons.

For one, I started working the summer camps in June. This was the busiest year I’ve had for those, working two camps a day all the way through the end of July. It didn’t leave me much chance (or energy for that matter) to take the next necessary steps.

The second reason picked up right after the summer camps ended. Back in May, I got engaged to my partner of 5 years. We’re getting married in October of this year. Needless to say, I didn’t have the time or money available to move forward on the film. I had wedding planning to do, and that stuff is stressful!

The progress on Return to Sender has remained at that same standstill. My next step was to move on to casting, but I will be postponing that for now.

Through the winter, I will most likely make another pass through the script to see if I want to make any final changes. Any changes will then be reflected in storyboard revisions.

At the moment, I’m hoping to pick up where I left off with casting at the start of 2018. I’m hoping to get into principle photography at the beginning of spring, and I’m hoping for a late spring or early summer release.

Let’s see how much of what I’m hoping for actually comes to pass!

Weekly Review: Baby Driver (2017)

A talented getaway driver with his own personal soundtrack has spent most of his life running heists for a powerful crime boss. When he meets the woman of his dreams, he sets his sights on leaving his shady life behind, but can he escape with his life, love, and freedom intact?

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